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Meinung zum Video der Woche...
Das Airborne Video von letzter Woche war schon nice - kennt man von Airborne aber ja auch nicht groß anders.


Alter... wo hast Du denn die aktuelle coole Kombo rausgekramt??? Wie geil sind die denn?

Kannte "The Sword" nicht. Noch wie was von gehört.
Nicht nur, dass der Typ verblüffende Ähnlichkeit mit Franki Zappa hat - Diese Old-School Gitarre ist GEIL!

Bearbeitet von Todde am 12-12-2010 16:56
Metal Is Not Only Music - Metal Is A Chosen Way Of Life
Todde schrieb:


Alter... wo hast Du denn die aktuelle coole Kombo rausgekramt??? Wie geil sind die denn?

Kannte "The Sword" nicht. Noch wie was von gehört.
Nicht nur, dass der Typ verblüffende Ähnlichkeit mit Franki Zappa hat - Diese Old-School Gitarre ist GEIL!

Hi Todde,

joooo... The Sword gibt es im Prinzip noch gar nicht mal soooo lange. Glaube irgendwas bei 6-7 Jahre. Die Jungs waren (glaube) 2008 Vorband auf der Metallica-Tour.

Die Band gehört vom Genre schon in die Metal-Sparte. Hast aber völig Recht - Die durchziehen ihre Songs echt gerne mit dieser gewissen Art von leicht schmutziger "Old-School Schrammel-Guitar". I Love It...
Auch ansonsten sind die sowas von völlig abwechslungsreich - Ich behaupte sogar, dass die teils große Progressive-Einflüsse haben.

Glaub' mir - Die können aber auch anders ... die können auch RICHTIG laut und heftig. YEARR!

The Sword hat bisher drei Alben rausgebracht:

  • Age Of Winters (2006)
  • Gods of the Earth (2008) - und aktuell in diesem Jahr:
  • Warp Riders (2010)

Wenn ich schon gerade dabei bin von The Sword zu "schwärmen" - Hier mal zwei Hörproben:

1. The Sword - Tres Brujas
YouTube Video

2. The Sword - Iron Swan (ab 0:56 Min. geht es aaaaaaab - YEAAAR!)
YouTube Video


Bearbeitet von Mick am 12-12-2010 17:53
Das Video kannte ich schon, is echt klasse..und dass der Typ aussieht wie Frank Zappa habsch auch gleich gedacht *lol*
Na super... jeder kennt die Jungs, anscheinend nur ich nicht. Rolleyes1

Hab' mir eben mal 'n paar Vid's von denen reingetan... die gefallen mir.

Teilweise sind die echt progressive... aber geil, obwohl Prog ja nicht unbedingt so volles Pfund mein Ding ist.

Metal Is Not Only Music - Metal Is A Chosen Way Of Life
Todde schrieb:
Na super... jeder kennt die Jungs, anscheinend nur ich nicht. Rolleyes1


Tröste Dich... ICH kannte die auch nicht. Gefallen mir aber echt irgendwie. Guitar1

Roofus schrieb:
Tröste Dich... ICH kannte die auch nicht. Gefallen mir aber echt irgendwie. Guitar1

Na... DAS beruhigt mich dann ja mal... Yep1
Metal Is Not Only Music - Metal Is A Chosen Way Of Life

- U P D A T E D -

Guitar1 RockPommes1 Guitar1



Finde den Track von Apocalyptica ziemlich geil... Muß ich zugeben! Cool

Vielleicht liegt's aber auch nur an Gavin Rossdale, weil ich eigentlich eher ein recht großer Fan von der Band Bush bin. Guitar1

Auf jeden Fall ein geiler Musik-Tip! RockPommes1

Wann wird'n das Vid der Woche immer erneuert?

Mal eine kleine Idee: Kann man die Vids der Woche nicht irgendwie sammeln, dass man da auch mal später mal reinschauen kann, falls man mal 'ne Woche verpasst hat?

Ist nur so 'ne kleine Frage. Ansonsten: weidder so!


@ MisterManson

Das freut mich tierisch, dass Dir das Stück/Video/Band gefallen hat! Yep1

Ansonsten möchte ich mich noch für Deinen Vorschlag bedanken, und natürlich auch für Deine Mühe, was den extra erstellten "Vorschlags-Thread" angeht! Yep1


Ansonsten bleibt mir an dieser Stelle nur noch zu sagen:


- U P D A T E D -

Guitar1 RockPommes1 Guitar1

Diese Woche mal etwas feines aus dem "klassischen Hardrock-Bereich" - Hoffe es gefällt!



Moin, Moin ! BigGrin

Gedankenübertragung? SmileWinkGrin Ui

Hatte vor gar nicht so langer an BCC (Black Country Communion) gedacht...

... und dann haust Du das Neue von den Jungs als Vid der Woche auf die page? Cool! Guitar3

btw: ich glaube die arbeiten an 'nem neuen album.


Metal Is Not Only Music - Metal Is A Chosen Way Of Life
Hi Todde,

bevor ich jetzt doppelt poste... Hatte gesehen, dass Du 'n feinen Thread "im Hardrock" aufgemacht hast.
Habe da auch schon geantwortet: >> http://www.euer-r...read_id=16

Rock On,

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Using the Daily Send, Zara Phillips' stunning wedding dress, designed by means of Stewart Parvin, featured combining silk together with satin using small tulle masturbator sleeves. The longer gown had been almost exactly the same to amongst the dresses inside Keveza's springtime 2012 arranged. Keveza's clothing was revealed a few months before the following wedding. Both attire had tulle sleeves along with more a certain number of bodice. Moreover, they either followed a comparable A-shape model, layers from fabric and a general simplicity in fashion.
From her marriage ceremony to Emporer Albert about Monaco concerning July a pair of, Charlene Wittstock donned a Giorgio Armani Prive wedding gown. Her line dress had been almost exact same to Keveza's dress. Both suits had twisted-band necklines, silk materials, fitted shirts and extensive trains extending in the back in the necklines. But the Armani ensemble featured adornments and beading who was not available on Keveza's costume, the veils ended up being both simple.
COMMENTARY | As per AFP, Zara Phillips, California king Elizabeth II's granddaughter, committed Mike Tindall with Canongate Kirk for Edinburgh Weekend. It was the last royal wedding this coming year that offers copied some dress coming from designer Romona Keveza's new season 2012 selection. Keveza's layouts were definitely visible within the dresses utilized by Phillips, Kate Middleton together with Charlene Wittstock, yet she has not been the endorsed designer for these royal a wedding. In element, her collection is created months before from any of the ceremonies appeared, and it was subsequently unveiled for the public 20 days and nights before Kate Middleton's marriage.
We've spent a final seven a few months helping friends plan your girlfriend wedding, therefore i instantly well-known the similarities involving the royal wedding gowns and that designs featured on the Legends by way of Romona Keveza variety. Keveza introduced her spring and coil 2012 designs within the New You are able to Bridal Marketplace on September 9. Her news release indicated which she is inspired through the royal marriage ceremonies, Queen Victoria along with Grace Kelly. Aptly branded the Noble Collection, their dresses had been elegant together with sophisticated.
Kate Middleton
Charlene Wittstock
Kate Middleton's bridal gown was created by Sarah Burton along with was remarkably comparable to a wear the Stories by Romona selection. Both suits featured ribbons sleeves, V-necks, scalloped edging in the neckline, structured bodices and the veils have similar fragile embroidery. The pair were elegant in addition to delicate works of art. Keveza loaded her dress up April 9, 20 days prior to the wedding.
Romona Keveza isn't personally linked to many of the royal marriage ceremonies and produced her originate collection months earlier. However, she precisely created designs that contain remarkable commonalities to clothing worn in three regal weddings. Do she need insider information and facts? Since most of the dresses ended up closely protected secrets, he did this not possibly. Keveza could possibly simply often be a visionary custom made who surely could predict this styles.
Zara Phillips
After properly predicting a dresses with regard to three regal weddings, Keveza definitely will face a lot more scrutiny. Although your ex design appeared months ahead of royal marriage ceremony, Keveza is actually accused associated with copying clothing of Kate Middleton. The stylish has waived these gossip and shared a video on her behalf Facebook article to turn out to be her purity. The training video shows the woman's dress getting featured upon CBS ahead of April twenty nine wedding involving Kate Middleton along with Prince Bill. Keveza might simply even be a prescient custom.

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This unique pet bed furniture provides simultaneously a commodious sleeping corner for ones beloved cat or dog and an operating drawer to help store every one of its property. Palm trees in the rustic green colored corresponding cushion accomplish this animal bed using a tropical glance. Dark together with golden brown leafy color dirt gives this kind of bed your finely ancient finish. The specific arched facade and aply around back fence makes bed a superb furniture piece that integrates in flawlessly with any design styles. Bed consists of environmental welcoming bamboo in addition to wood, cushion cover is manufactured out of cotton/polyester mix, with 100 % polyester answering, machine washable.
Medium Insides measures 16"x12"x5" as many as 35 kilos
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Donut Pattern Cat Foundation For kittens with a large amount of personality
The next thing is measuring your canine friend. You ought to measure your pet dog when they're just sleeping in a very comfortable status. Take this approach measurement together with add 5 to help you 6 inches into it, and this may size with the bed it is advisable to look meant for.
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Orthopedic Canine beds A wonderful choice for k9s with osteoporosis or uncomfortable joints
Coleman This Outdoor Supplier has appear full range! First accommodating people who have the most effective quality involving products... finally, there is Coleman Apparel for House animals!
How truly does your cat wish to sleep? Most cats always sleep curled up within a ball, but you'll find those small amount of that always sprawl available. If ones own cat will be the type so that you can sprawl out you must choose your pet bed giving them some room so that you can stretch.
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Murphy Puppy Bed
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